Prosperity Select: Single Premium Life Insurance

Oxford Life can provide a lifetime of financial protection with only one premium payment. You will never have to make future payments for this coverage, and should something happen to you, this policy will pass the death benefit on to your heirs tax-free.Annuity Income for Retirement

Policy Features 1

  • Available to individuals ages 55 to 80
  • Available coverage from $30,000 up to $500,000
  • Only one premium needs to be paid
  • Coverage will never decrease after the premium is paid
  • Policy cannot be cancelled unless you request it
  • Death benefits paid directly to the beneficiary of your choice federal income-tax free
  • No medical exams required, only a medical questionnaire
  • Immediate approval decision made during the point-of-sale interview
  • The rate is based on your current age at the time the policy is issued
  • Liquidity features in case you have a financial emergency1
  • Your policy's cash value will grow over time
  • Return of Premium Rider
  • Accelerated benefits offered2:
    • Chronic Illness Benefit
    • Terminal Illness Benefit
    • Nursing Home Benefit

Comparison to Investment Options

Prosperity Select Annuity CD/MM Stocks
Income Tax-Free Death Benefit Yes No No No
Tax-Deferred Accumulation Yes Yes No No
Immediate Estate Increase Yes No No No
Avoids Market Risk Yes Sometimes Yes No
Avoids Probate Costs Yes Yes No No
Accelerated Benefit Riders Yes Sometimes No No
Guaranteed Values Yes Sometimes Yes No

Comparison to a Taxable Certificate of Deposit

Prosperity Select
Guaranteed Death Benefit Paid to Heirs Income Tax-Free
Available to Heirs Net of Income Tax
1 $108,186 $50,900
5 $108,186 $54,665
10 $108,186 $59,768
15 $108,186 $65,341
20 $108,186 $71,437
25 $108,186 $78,102

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