Assurance: Final Expense Life Insurance

Final Expense

Thinking about the expenses left behind when we die can be uncomfortable, but not planning ahead may leave your family owing thousands of dollars. Oxford Life's Assurance is an economical way to help cover funeral costs and other expenses to ensure there will not be a significant financial hardship on your loved ones.

Policy Features

  • Available to individuals between the ages of 50 - 80
  • Available coverage from $5,000 to $30,000
    • Issue age 50 - 75; maximum face amount $30,000
    • Issue age 76 - 80; maximum face amount $20,000
  • Coverage will never decrease
  • Policy cannot be cancelled as long as premiums are paid
  • Death benefits paid directly to the beneficiary of your choice federal income-tax free
  • No medical exams required, only a medical questionnaire
  • Immediate approval decision made during the point-of-sale interview
  • The rate is based on your current age at the time the policy is issued
  • Liquidity features in case you have a financial emergency1
  • Your policy's cash value will grow over time
  • Accelerated benefits offered2:
    • Terminal Illness Rider
    • Common Carrier Rider

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