Assurance One: Single Premium Final Expense Life Insurance

Protect your family from unanticipated costs associated with your funeral and burial. With Oxford Life’s Assurance One, you can be confident that your final expenses will be covered without the burden of ongoing payments.

Policy Features 1

  • Available to individuals between the ages of 55 - 80
  • Available coverage from $5,000 to $30,000
  • Coverage will never decrease after the premium is paid
  • Only one premium needs to be paid
  • Policy cannot be cancelled unless you request it
  • Death benefits paid directly to the beneficiary of your choice federal income-tax free
  • No medical exams required, only a medical questionnaire
  • Immediate approval decision made during the point-of-sale interview
  • Maximum death benefit is based on issue age, gender, and tobacco class
  • Your policy's cash value will grow over time
  • Accelerated Benefits Offered:
    • Terminal Illness Rider
    • Nursing Home Rider
    • Chronic Illness Rider
Assurance One

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