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Free Leads and Return of Premium!

by Chad Knies

5/1/2017 1:16:46 PM

I am guessing the headline has your attention. It seems these two topics are at the front of most conversations we have with agents. We often ask the question “What can we do for you, what can we do to help grow your business with Oxford Life?” The answer to this question has most always been leads. Agents just want the opportunity to see more clients. Oxford Life has done various incentive plans over the years. Most commonly these would be trips to great destinations. However you often have your own vacation destination in mind and a time you want to go. So our idea was an opportunity to help you write more business, earn more commission and in turn take that trip you’ve always wanted, when and where you want to go. Our new final expense incentive was also a way to shorten up the qualifying period. You can now qualify after just one month of sales success. Once you have produced $4k of annualized final expense premium1 with us in any given month you can select from a handful of lead companies for a lead drop we will pay for! You can qualify each month and we will gladly assist in keeping leads headed your direction. If you are just starting out you can also contact these lead companies for assistance in your lead generation. Be sure to provide them your Oxford Life agent ID and you may be eligible for some discounted pricing. You can find more information here !

The other commonly requested item has been a Return of Premium (ROP) feature. Our new single premium whole life product, Prosperity Select2, was introduced in April. It not only offers one of the most competitive death benefits around but also includes a ROP feature. Many agents and in turn clients love the idea of tax-free death benefit to their beneficiaries. Remember, when it comes to passing on assets to a beneficiary there really is no better option than life insurance. Prosperity Select is a nice, easy process. For those of you not familiar with or perhaps turned off by the word underwriting, we require no medical exams, blood draws, APS, etc. Your client completes an application and a short telephone interview to receive an immediate point of sale decision. Quick and easy! And the ROP helps eliminate that uneasy feeling of “what if I need the money?” The product will still offer accelerated benefits like Terminal Illness, Nursing Home and Chronic Illness/Home Health Care Benefits but the ROP allows 100% guaranteed return of premium at any time! This is a valuable product and should be included in many more of your client presentations. It is also a great reason to visit with previous clients as an opportunity to introduce life insurance to their estate plan. We have been through these statistics before but recall that most of your clients don’t have it but know they need it.

Contact us for quotes, visit the illustration page http://www.oxfordlife.com/Calculators.aspx and again let us know what we can do to help grow your business with Oxford Life.

1 Call 800-308-2318 for complete rules and conditions. All business must be issued and paid in the same month to qualify. Persistency rates and successful results from the leads will determine continued eligibility. Qualifying producer must not hold an outstanding debit balance. Lead drops must be ordered within 60 days after the end of the award month. Orders must be placed with an approved vendor. Oxford Life reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time. 2 The Oxford Life Prosperity Select single premium whole life insurance is issued by Oxford Life Insurance Company. A comprehensive description of the policy benefits, costs, exclusions, limitations and terms is available to you upon request. Not available in all states. For more information, please refer to policy form SPWL500, rider forms ABD-NHR and ADB-CIR, and state-specific variations where applicable.


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